The Agape letters can be a powerful witness to how much a caterpillar is loved by God through family and friends. Be sure to contact close friends and family to make a list of relatives and friends that would be willing to write agape letters. A good sponsor will go out of his or her way to find not only close family and friends from church, school and work...but also childhood friends, teachers, coaches, past sunday school teachers, distant relatives, and even those that might only interact with your caterpillar occasionally (like a school bus driver, etc).

The sooner you can get this request out, the more likely you are to receive thoughtful replies. As soon as you have confirmed that your caterpillar is on a flight, get started building your list. Close friends and family would be a good starting place to ask for help in seeking out contacts.



Feel free to use this letter as a model, adding or deleting parts as needed.

(Be sure to insert all the appropriate names and pronouns though...)


Dear Friend,

<CATERPILLAR's NAME> will be attending Chrysalis, a non-denominational spiritual renewal weekend at the Portsmouth Cornerstone United Methodist Church during the weekend of <DATE OF FLIGHT>. At one point in the weekend, those who attend receive mail from relatives and close friends. It is a very meaningful part of the experience.

Would you please consider writing a letter for <CATERPILLAR's NAME>? If so, please keep it a complete surprise, but make it a real opportunity to let <HIM or HER> know your appreciation of <HIM or HER> and what your relationship with <HIM or HER> means to you. You might recall some personal event, even humorous, or some special happening that the two of you have shared. (This may be your chance to really tell <HIM or HER> things that are sometimes difficult to say in person.) Your letter will be read only by <HIM or HER>.

Remember to please keep this a secret from <CATERPILLAR's NAME> so that your letter will be a pleasant surprise. Thank you for making this event special for <HIM or HER>.

After writing the letter and signing it,

1. Put it in a plain envelope and address it with <HIS or HER> name. In the lower left corner of the envelope, write the word "Agape".
Do Not put your name on the outside of the envelope.

2. You have several delivery options. One is to put the envelopes in a larger one and mail or deliver it to:

Southern Ohio Chrysalis
c/o Cornerstone United Methodist Church
808 Offnere St
Portsmouth, OH 45662

If you decide to mail your letters, please try to mail them so that they arrive by <DATE = Friday before the flight> (<DATE = Saturday of the flight> at the absolute latest).

3. Even better, you may hand deliver your letters to <YOUR NAME/FRIEND/FAMILY> by <DATE = Saturday of can hand deliver them when you bring the caterpillar or when you volunteer to help out at the flight>. The best bet is to have them written and bring them to <YOUR CHURCH or YOUTH GROUP or SUNDAY SCHOOL> on the week of <DATE = Weekend before flight>. You can also give them to others you know who will be assisting with the Chrysalis weekend.

4. While a letter is desirable, a fax or E-mail message is acceptable if it will be difficult to get a letter written and mailed in time. If you wish to use either of these methods, fax it to me at <FAX NUMBER> or e-mail it to me at <EMAIL>. I will see to it that it is placed in an envelope and delivered appropriately.

5. If you can't meet that deadline, please call me at <PHONE NUMBER> and we can make some other arrangements.

Remember to please keep this a secret from <HIM or HER> so that your letter will be a pleasant surprise. Thank you for making this event special for <HIM or HER>.

Please pass a copy of this letter along to anyone that would also like to write a letter for <CATERPILLAR's NAME>, too.

Thank you,


You can copy and paste this letter into an email or your word processor.


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