Becoming a sponsor is a wonderful opportunity to share the Chrysalis experience.





1. Explain to the potential caterpillar the Chrysalis program and its objectives. 

You can do this without spoiling the surprises that are an essential part of the weekend. Potential caterpillars and their parents might become very skeptical if you simply say, "I can't tell you." Remember that the events of Chyrsalis are not "secret", but telling someone in great detail would certainly take away from their experience. You can explain the weekend in general terms such as, "You will be learning about Christianity and listening to testimonies from other teens." You might also explain to them that the more you tell them, the less they might enjoy the weekend. Going over the objectives listed below should be enough to satisfy a curious parent or potential caterpillar. If you are struggling with how to approach a parent or potential caterpillar, you might consider talking to an adult who has previously sponsored Emmaus pilgrims.
The gift of Chrysalis gives young people an opportunity:
To experience the accepting and healing grace of God through Christian community
To realize they are precious in God’s eyes; that they are here on this earth for a holy purpose
To discuss with peers and mature Christian adults their questions and struggles as young persons
To hear anew the gospel of God’s love in Jesus Christ and the basics of Christian faith and life
To make friends with other youth who share the faith, and are willing to support each other in living as Christians
To develop relationships with mature Christian adults; relationships which might extend beyond the three days
To be strengthened in their decision to follow Jesus
To be better prepared to live as Christian witnesses in home, school, church, and community
To learn what goes into building their lives and relationships on a solid foundation
To bring new vitality to their church youth group, to inspire the sponsorship of other youth, to energize the body of Christ through young people
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2. Assure that an application is completed and returned to the Registrar with the appropriate deposit.

3. Keep your caterpillar in prayer before and during the flight. Remember to sign up for the 24 hour prayer vigil.

4. Inform the team of any special needs or medical concerns that your caterpillar might have before the flight.

5. Secure agape letters as appropriate. Here is a sample letter and directions for gathering agape requests.

6. Transport your caterpillar to the flight on Saturday morning. Have them leave watches, alarm clocks, phones, beepers and anything that might distract their attention from the weekend at home.

7. Attend Sponsor's Hour following the send-off on Saturday Morning.

8. Consider bringing a food, snack or drink that your caterpillar might particularly enjoy for the agape table.

9. Be prepared to help out at the caterpillar's house in their absence. Are there household chores to do, such as mowing the grass or feeding pets? Does the family need errands done that your caterpillar might normally do? Be prepared to help!

10. Attend the candlelight service (meet in sanctuary at 8pm).

11. Attend the closing service (meet in basement social rooms at 4pm).

12. Transport your caterpillar home following the flight.

13. Stay in touch with your butterfly after the Flight.


1. Pray for your butterfly!

2. Offer transportation to your butterfly for Hoots and other Chrysalis/Emmaus events.

3. Follow-up and make sure that your butterfly finds or establishes a share group.

4. Reassure your butterfly during his/her Next Steps.

5. Support your butterfly as they sponsor others.

If you have additional questions, please feel free to contact a member of the Southern Ohio Chrysalis Board of Directors.



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